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Élégie is a term used for it was composed by Gabriel Faure which was a French composer.Élégie_(Fauré)
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Global warming!

At this point I suppose everyone is sensitive about global warming. However it is good to be updated! Quite sad and impressive at the same time. Some news from the last months On a planet 4C hotter, all we can prepare for is extinction (The Guardian) Meltdown in the Arctic is speeding up (The Guardian) Drawing lines in melting ice (The Economist)

Sun Screen - UV exposure

I think I have to be thankful for the education I got from my parents regarding the sun. I have read a document that explains a lot about the UV exposure and how to protect yourself. See Some things that I can tell: - Sun beds are always dangerous. Although for sometime UVA was thought not to be dangerous, nowadays its more than a question. For instance, you can find UVA, UVB filters in your sunscreens these days. It is false the concept of safe sunbeds, which it doesn't even prepare you for the radiation when the summers comes. - When skiing (or beeing in in the snow), please wear good sunglasses (which doesn't mean to be dark) UV filters are transparent! About 80% of UV radiation is reflected by the snow (in the beach is about 25% by sand and 10% by water). And sunscreens should be put half an hour before exposure to the sun and should be retaken approximately every two hours! This applies to every situation - There are days that you don't see the sun, but sometimes these


I think than more than a year ago, I was in a friends room, playing some game from the new Nintendo (amazing by the way) when he talked to me about a book called random iWoz. Obviously he is a fan of Mac, like me, but he uses Apple products. Well, I have to say, after reading more than half of the book that I totally recommend it to my Telecommunications Engineers classmates and friends. I think besides facts and other technical stuff he explains in the book -mainly about informatics and well, also about phone telephone system in the US and how to fool it :) - the most important fact of this is probably how he enjoys working in new projects and new challenges. Learning many different things throughout all his life. Everything ends up building Apple, but I do not consider this the most important fact, mainly because that kind of outcome does not happen everyday. This book made me think about projects I had in mind in the past and I could never accomplished most of them, mainly because o

Steve Jobs

Well, I have to say that I have just seen a youtube video, from Steve Jobs. Well, I have to tell that I have not followed many people's lifes, but for sure I have followed Steve Jobs, at least one of the most. I have just took it from another blog, Rafael Mompo., good blog by the way. In the same line, I show this video, from the many things it says, one is probably the one most impact me, and that the given definition of an advice. Have fun! But what else? I have become a bit jelous about some friends blogs! yes, I have, so at last, I am going to start one and write some words in the internet! You cannot imagine the amount of time that it took me to decide the name of the blog! at least I came up with twenty suggestions!! Well, hope it's a suitable name. See ya

The very first

Well, I got to say that this is my very first lines in a blog. For those readers that may be interested in fun reading, this is probably not your blog, I am not funny. If you expect some smart reading, ideas, I don't know if would be able to write something valuable. I may apologize about my English, it's meant to improve, but it takes time and this is probably the reason why I am writing a blog, to improve and practice my written English. Sounds funny or strange, but It could be an interesting experience. One of my passions is design. As you may know there are thousands of design companies and the most important are not really known to non specialized people. However there is one company that I like particularly, not the most important one, and it is not a design company either, but design is one of their strong points for sure. Yes, that is Apple Inc. All of their products are just amazing. One of their last product, Mac book Air is just amazing. Becomes funny when you say th